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For many of our clients, the first step is to check our credentials by requesting endorsements and interviewing key consulting professionals. As a matter of course and as a differentiator we also would like to provide a review of our 'Solutions' methodology and governance.

We have a long track record of success helping clients improve their project management maturity, establishing consistent, methodology, establishing PMO and COE functions and processes.

We typically provide a blended approach of support, advisory services, bespoke consulting services, training and technology support services to enable improved project and programme performance.

This is our deployment approach to help clients develop a custom practical, fit-for-purpose methodology for the organisation.

Our experience shows that the most successful project and programme management has at its core practicality and scalability. We work to the following guiding principles, these are:
• Take accountability
• Keep it practical & simple

• Engage all key stakeholders
• Define a scalable consistent methodology & processes
• Simple & effective templates and tools
• Clear governance (ensures no surprises)
• Reporting - Timely & accurate project information enables informed decision-making
• Leverage best practice, but customise to suit a clients environment (projects, structure & people)

Why use our management team
We are experts in project, programme and portfolio management with a proven track record of success working with clients across many industries and sectors.

Our services and support mechanisms are fully customisable to suit your exact needs, often with a blended approach of consultancy, training and technology. Our philosophy can be described as practical, fit-for-purpose and keep-it-simple with everything driven to create benefit for our clients benefit.

ur consulting team have considerable real world experience developing high quality engagements to support our clients projects, programmes, PMOs and COEs. Examples of recent engagements include:
• Setup of Global Transformation Programme Office for a major corporate to oversee +$100m of global change projects
• Establishing consistent, practical & fit for purpose project methodology to be applied across major UK retailer with +1,000 stores
• Guidance on setup of critical corporate Programme Office for luxury brand
• Helping a growing governmental consulting company mature its project management from ad-hoc to a consistent & practical approach based on best practice
• Reviewing project management maturity and operation of PMO for a major public sector organisation & helping them achieve greater project success

Next Steps
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